6 sept. 2016

Conferencia: "From Socrates to Sugata Mitra: a dialogue with digital natives" (BC - EDM)

  • British Council 
  • Escuela de Maestros
Disertante: Luke Prodromou

"From Socrates to Sugata Mitra: a dialogue with digital natives"

Digital technology is changing our world, including our classrooms, in radical ways. This interactive talk takes a questioning look at the impact of the Internet on our classrooms, our brains and our lives. It asks questions that all teachers should be asking - so we understand what is gained and what is lost as we become more and more connected.

Destinatarios: Profesores de Inglés y alumnos de profesorado de Inglés

Martes 13 de septiembre, de 10 a 11:30 h
ENS en Lenguas Vivas "Sofía E. B. de Spangenberg" Lenguas Vivas, Juncal 3251, CABA.

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Consultas Silvina.Ruhl@britishcouncil.org.ar:

LUKE PRODROMOU graduated from Bristol University In English with Greek and has an MA in Shakespeare Studies (Birmingham University) a Diploma in TEFL (Leeds University, with distinction) and a PhD (Nottingham University) in English as a Lingua Franca. He worked for the British Council from 1977-2000 as a teacher and teacher trainer, teaching all levels and all ages. He has conducted teacher training courses for Pilgrims (Canterbury), NILE (Norwich), the University of Edinburgh and ESADE (Barcelona) and many other institutions all over the world. He has been a speaker at many international conferences and has written over 20 textbooks for various international publishers. He has also written many articles and reviews in referred journals (ELT Journal, TESOL Quarterly, among others).

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