20 abr. 2011

Conferencia Dr. Iannacci (Inglés) 3/5/11

Actividad gratuita.

Vacantes limitadas.

Pre-inscripción online:

A Critical Examination of Pathologizing Processes in Language and Literacy Education

Luigi Iannacci, PhD, Trent University

This presentation examines what is possible for young children when their language and literacy learning addresses their assets and is organized in ways that expand their identity options. A critical discussion of the processes and practices that contribute to the pathologization of students learning additional languages is also offered. Literacy curricula Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students experience is specifically examined to highlight the nature and impact of patholigization. Research currently in progress that examines how patholigization impacts teachers will also be discussed.


Luigi Iannacci is an associate professor at Trent University in Ontario, Canada where he teaches and coordinates language and literacy and special needs learners focused courses. He is the past president of the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada (LLRC). In 2006 he received the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (CACS) Dissertation Award for research entitled Othered Among Others: A Critical Narrative of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Learners Literacy and Identity In Early Childhood Education (ECE). He has co-authored Early childhood curricula and the de-pathologizing of childhood (University of Toronto Press) with Dr. Rachel Heydon, (University of Western Ontario) and co-edited Early childhood curricula: Reconceptualist perspectives (Detselig Press) with Dr. Pam Whitty, (University of New Brunswick). He can be reached at luigiiannacci@trentu.ca

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