26 ago. 2011

Talleres Septiembre Prof. Jennifer Herrin

Organiza: Dirección Operativa de Lenguas Extranjeras, Ministerio de Educación, CABA

Con el apoyo de la Embajada de EEUU, Buenos Aires

Disertante: Jennifer M. Herrin

La Prof. Jennifer Herrin participa del Programa de Senior English Language Fellows del Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos. De amplia trayectoria en la formación de docentes para la enseñanza de inglés como lengua extranjera, la Prof. Herrin está interesada en enfoques basados en tareas (TBLT), en metodologías interactivas y en el desarrollo de materiales y currícula para la enseñanza.

Estas sesiones están dirigidas a docentes y estudiantes de Profesorados de TODAS LAS LENGUAS, pero serán dictadas en IDIOMA INGLÉS.

Lugar: Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández

Carlos Pellegrini 1515, CABA

Salón 400, 4º piso


Lunes 5 de septiembre de 18 a 19.30 hs

“Lesson Planning: What does it take to organize a good lesson?”

Resumen: "Very few teachers can say that they make daily lesson plans exactly as they were taught at university. Some make a list, some fill in a chart, some use symbols, and some use colored markers to mean different things… some (very few) write down nothing at all. What do you do? Does it work for you? How could lesson-planning be easier for you? Come to this interactive-plenary to share ideas and find out what some of the experts have to say."


Miércoles 7 de septiembre de 10 a 11.30 hs

"Task-based activity templates for multi-level learners (Integrating the 4 skills)"

Resumen: "Many teachers face the challenge of creating activities, teaching multi-levels, and integrating authentic materials. This workshop takes participants through a series of task-based activity templates that are easy to reproduce and adapt for different content. The presenter will demonstrate how the activities can integrate the four skills and involve students of differing levels allowing each to improve at his/her own pace."


Lunes 12 de septiembre de 10 a 11.30 hs

"Classroom Management: Making classroom time more productive"

Resumen: "Why didn’t anyone ever tell us that a large percentage of language teaching was managing people and moving desks? Well, as we know, good teachers are good managers; we find that good routines lead to more time for learning! This workshop will present some ideas on out how to effectively organize and manage groups, manage time, give instructions, arrange desks, control class noise level, and get students' attention! Other aspects will also be discussed."


Martes 13 de septiembre de 18 a 19.30 hs

How to Teach Presentation Skills”

Resumen:Giving presentations is an important professional skill; with a growing international community, presenting in English is essential for business people, researchers, and educators. Students need to practice this skill in the English language classroom, but what kinds of activities are most effective? How can students feel comfortable, be organized, sound fluent, and present information clearly? By providing opportunities to practice and a variety of feedback methods. Come ready to talk!”


Jueves 15 de septiembre de 10 a 11.30 hs

How to Organize Moderated Discussions (Group Work)”

Resumen: The moderated discussion is a format for oral interaction. In this model, the student can either be the leader or a participant giving input on a particular issue. In the academic environment, it is an excellent way for students to gain practice with the vocabulary and terminology needed for their specific fields of study. This workshop will demonstrate the basics of organizing content-specific moderated discussions. Participants will engage in some mini-discussions, and appropriate phrases and techniques will be presented.”

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Consultas: idiomas@buenosaires.gob.ar

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